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31 December 2011


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Volume 1, 2007

Yuh-Shan HO:

Bibliometric Analysis of Adsorption Technology in Environmental Science,

Vol. 1, pp. 1 - 11 (2007).


Donghui WEN, Yanping LI, Lujun CHEN, Wenxin ZHANG, Hualin ZHAO, Jian WANG, Fei YU, Yong QIAN, and Suzanne GIANNINI-SPOHN:

China's Environmentally Friendly Enterprise Program: A New Approach to Industrial Pollution Prevention and Energy Efficiency in China,

Vol. 1, pp. 12 - 22 (2007).


David P. COX and Fernando CARDOZO-PELAEZ:

High Throughput Method for Assessment of Cellular Reduced Glutathione in Mammalian Cells,

Vol. 1, pp. 23 - 28 (2007).


Jerry N. BLANCATO, Marina V. EVANS, Fred W. POWER, and Jane C. CALDWELL:

Development and Use of PBPK Modeling and the Impact of Metabolism on Variability in Dose Metrics for the Risk Assessment of Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether (MTBE),

Vol. 1, pp. 29 - 51 (2007).


Ke-xin ZHANG, Hong-wei WANG, and Shu-guang XIE:

Performance of Combined Pre-Ozonation and Biofiltration for the Purification of water from China's Yellow River,

Vol. 1, pp. 52 - 61 (2007).



Improved Adsorption Capacity of Commercially Available Activated Carbon Norit ROW 0.8 Supra with Thermal Treatment for Phenol Removal,

Vol. 1, pp. 62 - 74 (2007).


Chandan DAS, Sunando DASGUPTA, and Sirshendu DE:

Selection of Membrane Separation Processes for Treatment of Tannery Effluent,

Vol. 1, pp. 75 - 82 (2007).


Preeti SAGAR NAYAK, B.K. SINGH, and Siddarth NAYAK:

Equilibrium, Kinetic, and Thermodynamic Studies on Phenol Sorption to Clay,

Vol. 1, pp. 83 - 91 (2007).


Alok MITTAL, Jyoti MITTAL, and Lisha KURUP:

Utilization of Hen Feathers for the Adsorption of Indigo Carmine from Simulated Effluents,

Vol. 1, pp. 92 - 100 (2007).